Wednesday, September 2, 2015

That Old Polychromatic House on Almeda is now History

A few weeks ago the Houston Chronicle took the Board of the Houston Community College to task for acquiring numerous properties around town, including this one in the NE corner of Alabama and Almeda, -- adorned with vivid coats of color -- calling it an eyesore.

Now it's gone. Demolished about ten days ago. Shouldn't there have been some community input as to whether the 100+ year old structure could and should be preserved? 

Not to mention that HCC's property acquisitions are tax-payer funded, and that the entity in question is a community college. 
While the timing of the demo may be coincidental, it has the appearance of a knee-jerk reaction by HCC to the critical investigative report by the Houston Chronicle about the System's land deals.
Former site of the colorful old house 
Assuming HCC has gotten serious about developing the multiple adjoining lots that it now owns around this address into student housing, perhaps the historic building could have been saved by moving it to Sam Houston Park to join the little village of other historic buildings already there. Or some other Houston neighborhood that pays homage to local history, like EADO perhaps. See --> Historic Structures at Sam Houston Park

Dallas, too, has a nice historically themed park where old houses that got in the developers' way get permanently parked to the enjoyment of visitors and history buffs. Not to mention being part of an idyllic venue with a pavilion, a church, a band stand, and other facilities for special events, like weddings and reunions. 
See --> Dallas Heritage Village.  

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