Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Storm Sewer Headaches Along South Shepherd

S. Shepherd Storm Sewer and Road Work Woes 

Like the Upper Kirby segment of Westheimer, Shepherd just North of it has been suffering the excavation woes too, with heavy digging equipment, cranes, and backhoes dominating the construction zone, leaving only a narrow path for regular traffic, if any. And it's been like that for months, with most of the progress that's been made hidden deep below. Of course, this is a drainage improvement project, after all. But the surface is supposed to be part of the package. And the surface is where the ongoing construction has made conditions much worse than before. 

What business access? 
A few years back Kirby Drive segment North of Westheimer underwent the same storm-sewer installation ordeal, but unlike Kirby (which is residential and known for its stately estates), South Shepherd is lined by numerous small shops and businesses, some in converted residences, and none has a big parking lot to separate it from the the digging and the road re-construction. 

The obstructions cannot but have an adverse impact on business. Meanwhile, motorists who venture into the construction zone, are at risk of going "over the cliff" with the drop-off from the surface of the open lane as high as a foot, and no barriers other than cones and barrels and such. At least the sections where the sewer line is being worked on deep in the netherworld are better protected. Those holes in the ground would be large and deep enough to swallow commuters' cars by the dozens.

"Finish Shepherd Please!" 

And it's not merely the Irish that are suffering ...

Space for Lease at Shepherd Commons, but would anyone want it before the road work is done? 
Acupuncture & Herb & piles of dirt out front 
Chipotle Burritos behind the barriers 
A big pipe at the Irish Pub 
This side street is closed too. 
Excavator at the big hole in the ground, with concrete beam barrier
on the edge of the abyss 

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