Thursday, September 10, 2015

South to North or North to South - "True South" Exhibition is whimsical all the way through the Heights:

Visual Feast in the Heights Neighborhood 

Unlike the modern art in various shapes and contortions of rusty metal scattered around town -- some of it more agreeably painted bright red rather than left to the mercy of Houston's storied humidity -- the new art installation on the Heights Boulevard esplanade is much more colorful, diverse, creative, and whimsical. 

Not only artsy, but also entertaining. These pieces, staged at various points along the foot trial popular with joggers and walkers, can be enjoyed even without consulting the accompanying plaques for clues about the creators' intent and meaning. 
Unlike the public sculptures of the more abstract and unfathomable kind, the captions of these hilarious specimen of art in the park are suitably descriptive: "Heart of the Heights", "Retired Cowboy Clown" and a giant lamp dubbed "In Broad Daylight". -- With an owl looking down, perched on the top rim of the shade.  

Tara Conley: "Bunny" 

Eisenhut/Ramos: "Heart of the Heights" 

Hans Molzberger: "Retired Cowboy Clown" 

Emily Sloan: "In Broad Daylight" 

 Joe Barrington: "Sock Monkey" 

"Sock Monkey"

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