Tuesday, September 29, 2015

River Oaks Gastronomy History: Signs from the Past

Some shops and restaurants leave merely a digital legacy upon demise (and memories, with patrons), others leave visible reminders of their erstwhile presence. Here are a few that left signs of their former contributions to the sustenance of the River Oaks neighborhood, -- at different levels of the gastronomic pecking order:     

Thierry André Tellier Café at Lamar River Oaks
Fading sign of Thierry André Tellier Café - Patisserie
- Erstwhile Cafe & Pastry Shop at Lamar River Oaks 
Lamar River Oaks Shopping Center in Sep 2015
with The Huntington Condo Tower (on Kirby) in the distance 
A Quiznos Sob Sign - All that's left are the blessings

The building that housed this sandwhich shop, located
 East of Millennium HighStreet and River Oaks District, has been torn down 
Quiznos was here: Empty lot on corner of Westheimer and West Lane 

The image of the Bird & the Bear still graces 
the River Oaks Village, but not for much longer 

The Bird & The Bear space on Westheimer at River Oaks Village Shopping Center
Ouisie's  Bird & The Bear space is currently being remodeled
to re-open as a different concept by new tenant (reportedly Relish Fine Foods).
Also see --> Older post with now archival bird and bear pics

 According the COH Building Permit posted on site, the new occupant is Relish Restaurant & Bar 
The Contractor on the interior remodel is Parker Project Management, Inc. 
City of Houston Building Permit for restaurant re-model 

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