Monday, September 7, 2015

Blue Bell: Ice cream maker's blues give way to a rosier outlook

For whom the Bell Tolls:
Blue Bell ice cream has returned to the freezer shelves in local stores by the half-gallons, though apparently in limited quantities. Even if the 2-per customer rationing-rule were not plausibly attributed to problems of ratcheting up the production lines to full capacity after the long down-time, it would be shrew marking: Scarcity creates the perception of superior desirability, and what with pent-up demand by hardcore Bluebellers -- those not fazed by the horror stories of the noxious little bugs that almost killed off the company in addition to a few of its customers -- the little creamery in Brennan is well on its way to becoming big and profitable again. 

Image caption: Controlled experiment: Two Blue Bells per self-designated guinea pig

The little critters like the blue bell:

Beware of those little blue bell bugs!

Not your daily recommended dosage: Two Blue Bells is the Max

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