Monday, September 7, 2015

Houston Chronicle Building on the demolition watch list

Take a good look at the Houston Chronicle building while you can. It is in the process of being sold (see RNR story here) and faces the fate that spelled the end of so many other Downtown structures that came before: Demolition.

This does not mean that The Chronicle itself is folding. The newspaper will be relocating to the fortress-like former headquarters and printing plant of its long-gone competitor: the Houston Post at 4747 Southwest Freeway.

The Downtown location includes a parking garage on half of a city block North of the headquarters and newsroom building, whose street address is 801 Texas Ave Houston TX 77002. The address for the multi-level garage, which accommodates about 500 vehicles, is 710 Preston St. though it runs the full length of the block on the West side of Milam Street. 

South-West corner of Houston Chronicle Building (2015)
Houston Chronicle  parking garage with Lyric Centre Tower looming over it
and Hogg Building (red)

The Houston Chronicle property is being eyed by HINES as a future site for another high-rise tower. The well-known Houston developer is currently erecting a monumental 48-floor skyscraper (Motto "A New Icon is Rising") in the SE corner of the intersection of Main and Texas.

609 Main: Seeking iconic status from the get-go
HINES is aiming high with its Downtown portfolio of projects, and taking a long-term view with its planned redevelopment of the Houston Chronicle site. No taker has yet been announced for 609 Main, which is being built "on spec". But HINES INTERESTS has the wherewithal, and can look back on a splendid history of success in urban real estate development on a grand scale. The company has added several landmark skyscrapers to the Houston skyline over the years, including One Shell and the Transco Tower in the Galleria area, now known as Williams Tower.

The Houston Chronicle is owned by Hearst Newspapers, which is also listed as the owner of the two Houston Chronicle properties in Downtown and the "castle" on the Southwest Freeway.

 The Houston Post "Fortress" on the Southwest Freeway
at the interchange with US 59 (now also Interstate 69)


SW corner of Houston Chronicle Bldg
with Metro bus passing intersection at Texas

Looking East on Texas Ave - Chronicle Building and The Rice Hotel

Lone state flag on Texas Ave.

Reflection of the Rice Hotel in window panes
on East façade of the Houston Chronicle Building
Houston Chronicle History - A sidewalk synopsis
Sambuca at the Rice Hotel in the background
Houston Chronicle - Entrance on Texas Ave.

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