Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bait & Switch: Fish & Knife goes Brazilian, starts angling for customers

If you are not hooked, Cancun shrimp may be had next door 

Churrasca Brazilian Steakhouse 7801 Westheimer Rd Houston TX 77063
- formerly The Fish & The Knife

Churrasca Brazilian Steakhouse
If you did not get around the checking out one of Houston's "most anticipated new restaurants" during the nine-or-so months it was actually in operation after an incubation period that lasted a multiple of that time span, you can now head there and deploy the knife for more traditional purposes.

Churrasca Brazilian Steakhouse 7801 Westheimer Rd Houston TX 77063
Churrasca Brazilian Steakhouse
7801 Westheimer Rd Houston Texas 77063
We'll leave it others to opine whether the latest Brazilian churrascaria was anticipated as eagerly as its fishy predecessor. The facts on the ground are that Churrasca has announced its existence -- and its real-time opening -- to the heavy traffic on Westheimer with the firmness of an actual physical sign, rather than a mere social media missive. 

A coterie of small yard signs scattered over the lawn reinforce the newness, along with the last remnants of construction debris from the do-over. To all appearances, this is a new operation, rather than a mere re-branding (which was the story at the time of the less anticipated Fish & Knife shuttering).

Unless it's a bait-and-switch, the new name and the OPEN sign are suggestive of sizzling, if not fiery steaks. Were the other Brazilian steakhouses not so spread out over Houston's longest road, there might even be a case for renaming a stretch of Westheimer Currasceria Row: The count of churrasqueiros has now reached five: Chama Gaucha, Fogo de Chao, Angus Grill, and Pradaria, all of which predate Churrasca by at least a few years. All we need now is a relocation of Texas de Brazil to complete the half dozen.

Fish & Knife successor: Churrasca
And if you came looking for fish to eat with knife or sans,-- and are not in the mood for Brazilian barbecue as a substitute -- no worries.

You can always head over next door to Molina's Mexican Restaurant. They have been in the biz a little longer (since 1941 if their sign is to be believed), and they are currently touting their "Awesome Cancun Shrimp". Forget about sushi!

Just don't use Churrasca's parking lot, as inviting as it may be, for they have promised they will hook and tow you. Unless it was the Fish & Knife people that put that up, before they folded and sailed off into the sunset.

Neighbor with staying power: Molina's Mexican (since 1941) 
Thou Shalt be Towed 
Churrasca's South side with enviable parking lot
both size- and condition-wise, but with unnecessary
valet parking nonetheless   
Hi-res pic for Churrasca - Entrance on South Side of Building
View from the ample parking lot 

Ephemeral: The Fish & The Knife (May 2015 pic) 

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