Monday, August 31, 2015

Will Halloween and Sylvester Season turn things around at the Shepherd Plaza Shopping Center? 3800 Farnham St, Houston, TX 77098

Although the pub closed its doors for good a few months back, the stag's head remains mounted, looking out over Shepherd Plaza. 
    And there is more to observe these days in and around the shopping center that once was a partying hot spot, but has been quiet and in large part vacant for the past decade, losing tenants (Le Peep, Believe Ballroom Dance Studios, and -- most recently The Stag Head Pub) rather than gaining new ones.  But there are new signs of life, judging by the number of cars in the parking lots. 

Sylvester Turner mayoral campaign headquarters at Shepherd Plaza 
And it's not just the occasional influx of music lovers heading for an event at the Cactus. Sylvester Turner has established his campaign headquarters on the West end of the shopping center on Greenbriar (as did Mayor Parker in her time), and another temporary operation -- a Halloween market -- is just about to open in the space on the curve South of the Stag head. Perhaps Shepherd Plaza is making a comeback, though only in a gingerly way so far, with a couple of seasonal tenants. 

3800 Farnham St, Houston, TX 77098
3800 Farnham St, Houston, TX 77098
 Shepherd dressing for success: 
Halloween Express Houston

Soon coming to a store near you 
This section of the sprawling Shepherd Plaza Shopping Center (on Farnham on the curve) will host the temporary
Halloween Store (to open around Labor Day) 

Shepherd Plaza leasing sign obstructs the view of approaching
cars North-bout on Greenbriar to those exiting from the parking lot. 
Cactus Music  store and venue on the corner of Portsmouth and Sandman
 (near S Shepherd)
Stag Head door closed for good - and all the shrub and flowers are gone from the patio.
The Stag Head Pub (formerly) with empty parking lot - Cactus Music at the far end 

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