Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ready for goat cheese with greens? Soon to be had at Ruggles Green after side-step to the East -- to first-floor restaurant space at Gables Upper Kirby apartments

Ready for Goat Cheese Salad? 

Fresh ruggles green goat cheese coming soon - is that feta? 

There is now some visual evidence that ruggles green is getting ready to (re) open its new West Alabama restaurant location soon. This is a relocation to the ground-level restaurant space at the newly completed Gables Upper Kirby luxury apartment complex.

The old location on the corner of West Alabama and Reverse St. (which is practically next door) is still vacant. As for ruggles green on Lower Westheimer across from Theo's, it was demolished and remains a fenced empty lot.  

Gables Upper Kirby signage on East wall of new complex 
Ruggles green is now on a higher plane at the high-end digs: the common pedestrian
will have to ascend from street level to partake of the lofty burgers  
Hip Mexican neighbor to the East after rebranding rather than relocation: Uberrito (no longer missionary) 
See past blog post: Mission Burrito morphs into Überrito after infringement lawsuit - Los Burritos con Umlaut.-- Maybe they'll get set sued once more by a certain online ride-hailing company.


ruggles green neon signage (restaurant logo) at night
ruggles green neon signage at original West Alabama
restaurant space 
ruggles green on W. Alabama - prior location (relocated West in 2015)
RUGGLES GREEN at former "River Oaks" location
on corner of W. Alabama and Revere Street in Upper Kirby (archival photo)
The Wine Bucket (on left in the photo, closer to W. Alabama Street) is gone too.

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