Wednesday, August 19, 2015

RO Branding: As the Rustic Oak concept evolves, a Rusty Bike joins the Blue Bull; or was that Turquoise?

The Turquoise Toro has been branded, now a Rusty Bike  

Rustic Oak signage 
Chef Wendell Price's evolving restaurant concept: Rustic Oak, Light Blue Bull, and the latest accoutrement: Rusty Bike. What might be hiding behind the black veil to complete the mixed-metaphor ensemble?  

Still partially veiled: The Rustic Oak 
There is already some rusty stuff in the neighborhood for good vintage vibes, like the old truck at Doc's Motorworks. So, it's hardly out of place. 

Or the one at Lupe Tortillas on the SW Fwy at Kirby.

And, should the good chef still be open to constructive input from the community, additional vintage velocipeds may be prospected for in one of the antique stores lining Westheimer, like this particularly impressive specimen of a double-saddle contraption for pedaling in tandem: 


The POST 510 Apartments, one of many new apartment developments along the innerloop segment of Richmond Ave.  

Post 510 Apartments on Richmond at SW Fwy 

POST 510 was built in 2014 and completed in 2015, so it's definitely POST 911, too, chronologically speaking. What lack of imagination! Numerals instead of real names. A moniker like "Vistas of Sears, Spur, and Southwest Freeway" would have been more descriptive. Not to mention evocative of the essence of this edge of Midtown and Montrose, which could use a bit more gentrification and perhaps nice(r) greenspace, especially on the Midtown side, or at least trash pick-up, street-cleaning and fixing, and pleasant landscaping.  

Overhead Freeway Signage 
Midtown Sears: Rooftop Signage 

Midtown Fiesta at ground level under elevated SW Fwy 

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