Sunday, August 16, 2015

Minute Maid game parking in the ballpark of $20-$40

Getting fleeced on the way to the game 

In the best of the American tradition, amounts exacted from ballpark goers for  the privilege of temporarily entrusting their cars to a Downtown surface lot are what the market will bear: $20 - $30 and up, compared to about $2 - $7 for parking in the same spots during the day. And the fans are reaching into their pockets, looking for a green Jackson or two to hand over to the parking attendant. The honor system with the iron money slot box in the corner (or a more sophisticated modern payment machine) only operates during the day. Honor not called for. Just cash. No shame either, as far as pricing.

Parking for Lawyers and Juror during business hours is a lot cheaper. 
One wonders if the baseball fans are deterred from coming Downtown on other occasions, thinking that parking is always that expensive, and that only a cant-miss game justifies forking over that much.

Even the theater district underground parking garage has more reasonable pricing. Metro should promote its new  East-West light rail service as a vehicle to connect moderately-priced parking with MinuteMaid. But taking a train may be deemed as much an inconvenience as walking a few city blocks to the venue, - perhaps hopping on a train may be judged even worse. Not to mention that word may not have gotten out that light train hopping is now an option.

Houstonians' aversion to locomotion by foot -- even when the evening in town involves a sports event --  has its price, and in the case of special events at MinuteMaid, a steep one. 

Minutemade District Map and Directional Signs 
Speaking of locomotion, the old rusty train engine to the South of Minute Maid is now under wraps, while another nearby attraction, the architecturally remarkable Incarnate Word building, erected in 1905, has been unceremoniously demolished.

Incarnate Word Academy - Historic building ensconced by new one
prior to its demolition in 2015 

Incarnate Word Building (1905) - The Architectural jewel is gone 110 years later
(August 2015 pic)


Nau Center Steam Engine Exhibit -Southern Pacific Locomotive No. 982


Southern Pacific Steam Engine No. 982 - wrapped up exhibit
Steam Engine 982 under wraps at the [planned] Nau Center 
Downtown Houston in the Summer of 2015: A busy skyline 

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