Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Churrascos at Shepherd Square - not generally known as River Oaks -- adds signage

Churrascos "River Oaks"
Shepherd Square Shopping Center
2055 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77098  

Additional signage has been installed on the roof of the covered portion of the patio area abutting the wheelchair ramp that also features a nicely-maintained shrub garden plot. The crudely painted French windows on the facade, of course, look as faux as ever. 

Cocina Sur America: Red brick wall with French Doors 
And what about the pretense that Shepherd Square is in River Oaks? I know, I know, it's just the dictates of savvy marketing. The quality of the dining experience to be had inside, or on the patio (though marred by the sound of passing traffic, if not by the roar of heavy roadwork machinery), may justify a bit of geo-fibbing. Not to mention that this spot is closer than other businesses that also claim to be "River Oaks" establishments, trying to eschew their association with Montrose or Upper Kirby to better appeal to the residents of Houston's most exclusive neighborhood. And the less fortune-blessed aspiring souls able to splurge on cocina del sur with tres leches and malbec at least on special occasions.  


The Centre at River Oaks that isn't in River Oaks,
 but arguably at, within that many blocks 

Nota bene: That would be Centre, not Center 

The Centre in 2015: Salt Air is new, but BRIO still on the sign
The Centre at River Oaks in Upper Kirby
in the SE corner of Kriby and West Alabama (archival pic)
Salt Air is now in the space that was once Brio.
ULTA Beauty took part of the BORDERS space after the book settler went belly up.  

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