Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Christian Tailgating on Congress

Christian's Tailgate to open on Congress near the Courthouse 
in former lawfirm digs 
Following its expansion into the Energy Corridor earlier this year, where it took over the spot that was previously Cattleguard - a freestanding building between two hotels just North of the Katy Freeway on Highway 6 - Christian Tailgate is poised to open in a prime Downtown location near the old historic Harris County Courthouse on Fannin, It's a different kind of setting.  

Buildout work is currently under way in the Pillot Building in the SW corner of Congress and Fannin Street, which was most recently home of a law firm: Brent Coon and Associates (BCA).

Like Batanga on the West side of Main, this building has an adjoining patio area , -- with trees and a fountain. 
What it does not have is a parking lot. So there will be no authentic tailgating, Texas style. Anyhow, there is that huge parking lot North of the BBVA Compass Stadium for that: One way or another, the urban tailgating experience may be had. The Christian version will be air-conditioned, with al fresco as an option, weather permitting. With no hang-tag required. 
For "tailgating policies and procedures" at the BBVA - Astros Parking Lots B & C BBVA -- (I kid you not about the official moniker), click here
Christian's promise: Soon to Be Best Burger in Downtown
Christian's Menu as of August 2015 (full size here

Next door to the West, on the corner of Congress and Main sits another historic structure: the Sweeney, Coombs & Fredericks Building. It still sports the Nit Noi signage, but the Thai restaurant that occupied the space and catered to the courthouse lunch crowd closed earlier this year. 

Nit Noi Thai Food 

Sweeny, Coombs & Fredericks Building
Texas Historical Commission Marker 
Sidewalk on Main with mosaic pavement marker
for the shoe shine stand that is long gone. 
This restaurant, too, had a patio area with tables on the North side, abutting the sidewalk on the Main Street Corridor. With Downtown in the grips of a construction boom that will bring in hundreds of new residents and will swell the stream of tourists and other visitors by the thousands, it should not be long before this space finds a new tenant. A renaissance of the street and restaurant scene is already afoot in the immediate vicinity, with several recent openings.  
Besides the 1910 courthouse, the Sweeney Building is the most eye-catching historic structure in the vicinity. Featuring a picturesque round turret, with the entrance to the vaulted dining room right on the corner, rather than on either side,  it is unique in its architectural style, facade features, and coloring scheme. 

At least for Houston. 

Construction work is also under way on the North side of this city block on Preston, which is occupied by the Harris County Administration Building. This project, which has been ongoing for months, involves renovation of the facade of the multi-level office building that is -- unlike its historic neighbors -- utterly devoid of redeeming aesthetic qualities. 

Facade Renovation Harris County Administration Building -
SW Corner View from Main
(March 2015 photo)

Christian's Tailgate Bar & Grill opened in what used to be
Cattleguard on Highway 6 just North of Katy Freeway outbound feeder 

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