Friday, August 7, 2015

The Plant House Metamorphosis in Montrose - What's coming at 224 Westheimer?

Bistecca Ristorante 224 Westheimer Rd. by Slow Food, Inc
Soon to get a name sign: Bistecca Ristorante
224 Westheimer Rd. Houston TX 77006 
While the Law Firm of Marcos & Associates P.C. has not yet joined the movement for an updated look, their neighbor to the East has recently undergone are remarkable transformation. Not quite as eyebrow-raising as the church-to-fine-dining-spot conversion or the adult-DVD-shop-to-restaurant-reassignment-job -- up and down the street, respectively -- but a neat variation on the re-purposing theme nonetheless:
From Plant House to Restaurant 

The Plant House on Lower Westheimer (archival photo from 2011)
The Plant House on Lower Westheimer in 2011 
No, this is not the law office... that's next door -
Signage for new Italian Restaurant at 224 coming soon 

The name also has changed, and perhaps the concept. Originally the new occupant of the erstwhile greenfinger space was going to be Bistro 224. -- now the TABC NOTICE says the applicant for the mixed beverage license is Slow Food Inc. and a small sign at the door informs the curious pedestrian that the name of the new establishment will be Bistecca Ristorante. These identities have been confirmed on web site of the Harris County Clerk.

Assumed Name Certificate: Slow Food Inc. d/b/a Bistecca Ristorante  

It may not be Radical Eats (which, like the Legis, has adjourned sine die), 
but it is a branch-and-roots do-over at the minimum. 


Liberate the Plate and Drink More Water - It's not that radical.
Radical Eats with a polite and somewhat sentimental "Closed Forever" note on the door -
Better than a lock-out notice from the landlord  

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