Monday, August 24, 2015

The Hollywood Aftermath


A frame looking for a name 
Wondering what's coming in the former convenience store space on the corner of Lower Westheimer and Helena St, across from Georges' Bistro? -- It used to be a Hollywood Food Store. 
If you guessed mattress store, you guessed right. Here comes another one. This one will be a MattressPro. And they say the suburbs are the sleepy ones.   

Mattress Store to open at 208 Westheimer at Helena St. 
The Mattress market in Montrose is anything 
but sleepy. -- Hiring too.  
Future MattressPro store location in Montrose at 208 Westheimer, corner of Helena Street 
208 Westheimer retain space posted for lease in 2014 (sign)
The strip mall was remodeled after the Tejas Boots store relocated and the
Hollywood Food Store closed 
Meanwhile, the vintage Hollywood food store brand is not doing as well as the mattress merchants. The Lower Westheimer location is not the only one that's gone defunct. Another one, located on the corner of West Alabama and Timmons, has also shuttered. While the latter  has not yet been transformed into a mattress store, it may only be a question of time, though there may be alternative retail space options on that stretch of West Alabama. 

Hollywood Square sans the The Hollywood Food Store 
Former Hollywood Food Store on corner of Timmons and West Albama 
Local demand for mattresses should be brisk, and getting brisker. The high-end 2929 Weslayan Tower is already a destination for moving trucks and furniture delivery vans, and another large-scale residential project has recently broken ground on Timmons. And then there is more of that kind underway on Richmond. 

Construction site East of Timmons (Aug 2015) 


Hollywood still has a presence in Montrose; -- food-store-wise. There are two stores on Montrose Blvd; there is one on West Alabama between S Shepherd and the West Alabama Icehouse (with a nice mural on the East-facing wall on McDuffie Street), and another one on Westheimer at the corner of Dunlavy next to Shaw's tattoo shop (across from the Duo Boutique at 1665 Westheimer, which recently closed). 

Hollywood Store at 1660 Westheimer
Hollywood Food Store at 1660 Westheimer 

Hollywood Food Store at the W. Alabama Icehouse (across McDuffie)
with mural 
Vintage signage: HOLLYWOOD Food & Cigars Store (Montrose neighborhood)
Vintage sign: HOLLYWOOD Food & Cigars 
Hollywood Food & Cigars on Montrose Boulevard
Hollywood Food & Cigars on Montrose Boulevard 

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