Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Brick and Spoons under Lock and Key at 1312 W Alabama

Brick & Spoon: The spoons, plates, and pots, and everything else but the patio furniture are under lock and key behind the brick and mortar. Posted explanation: The landlord did not get paid. 

The inquisitive pedestrian notes a curio: the lock-out notice. It is handwritten. 

At least the owner is trying to mitigate the breach-of-lease damages: The free-standing residence-to-restaurant conversion is already being pitched to the next operator, with large FOR INFORMATION sign on the patio. 

That would the third one in as many years. Before this became Brick & Spoon, it was Bocados. See flashback pics below. It is hard to believe that the location is cursed, and not only because churches and religion-affiliated educational institutions are nearby.  It's a good neighborhood. The patio is a plus, and a big empty lot across the street provides parking space would seem to assure that would-be diners won't stay away -- or drive on -- for want of a spot. 

1312 West Alabama - The restaurant signage is gone 

Too bad it's adios so soon for Brick & Spoon after Bocados, but it shouldn't be long before something else opens up here. The house, built in 1920, will need some work, though. Wear and tear on the roof is in plain view even from the sidewalk. 

Previously: Bocados (archival pic) 

Hi-res pic of 1312 W. Alabama and neighboring house (August 2015 photo)
Click on image to see in full resolution 

Brick & Spoon is no more - free-standing restaurant space on West Alabama posted for lease: 
1312 W Alabama St Houston, TX 77006 


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